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The development of a personally satisfying career is a complex and challenging process. Corporate restructuring, layoffs, and management changes promote anxiety and insecurity. Work stress, work dissatisfaction, and work performance problems cause career uncertainty.

Career interruptions, whether to raise a family or recover from an illness or injury, make a return to work difficult. Rapid change in the world of work itself often leaves us confused about how to choose a college program or field of work. Expert career guidance can help us manage these challenges successfully.

Career psychological services are the clinical methods that psychologists utilize to assist clients with these career development issues and work-related problems. These clinical methods include career evaluation and testing, career counseling and psychotherapy or coaching and organizational development services. Dr. Frank Urtz offers these services for individuals, groups, and organizations.

Career Evaluation and Testing

An accurate vocational evaluation is the cornerstone of successful career planning. Dr. Urtz offers a wide variety of high quality and affordable assessment and testing programs to identify appropriate career alternatives or clarify workplace problems. These career psychological services include an individualized assessment of the interests, skills, work-related personality characteristics and other psychological factors relevant to your career success and satisfaction. Some of these evaluation programs are:

1) Basic Career Evaluation
2) Comprehensive Career Assessment
3) Management Development Evaluation
4) Evaluating Your Job Fit
5) Middle Life Career Re-evaluation
6) College Career Evaluation
7) Entrepreneurial Assessment
8) Retirement Planning

Career Counseling and Psychotherapy

Psychological services for work-related problems are a common occurrence now given the increased pressure on working adults, couples and families. Work stress, for example, is a major contributor to career burnout, medical problems and depression. Fortunately, career counseling and psychotherapy services can effectively help resolve a wide variety of these work-related conditions. Dr. Urtz offers career psychological treatment services for these work issues:

1) Work stress
2) Workplace anger
3) Job or career burnout
4) Compulsive overworking
5) Dual career couples issues
6) Occupational rehabilitation
7) Job loss and unemployment
8) Work procrastination

Career Evaluation Services

Initial Career Assessment Interview
This individual session is an excellent way to begin your career exploration process. The purpose of this session is to help you clarify your work concerns or career issues so that you can determine the next steps to pursue in your career development.

Basic Career Evaluation
This assessment provides an overall profile of your interests, skills and work-related personality characteristics with specifics recommendations for occupational alternatives. This evaluation is an excellent way to identify your career direction and your next career steps.

Comprehensive Career Assessment
This evaluation process includes an initial career assessment interview, testing, and follow-up interpretation and career planning sessions. A Career Assessment Report is standard with this program and provides you with a thorough analysis of your interests, skills, values and work related personality characteristics and their relationships to your career alternatives. This program also provides you with specific recommendations for occupational alternatives as well as steps you should consider to enhance your professional growth and career development. This program is appropriate for an individual at any phase of the career planning process.

Management Development Evaluation
Are you wondering whether you possess the appropriate qualities to pursue a supervisory or managerial position in your field, or do you want to reassess and improve your current managerial performance? This program will provide you with a thorough analysis of your managerial potential or performance through career assessment, comprehensive testing and a management development planning session. This program empowers you to give new direction and focus to your career and will provide you with specific recommendations for further professional growth and performance improvement.

Leadership Development Evaluation
Through this program you receive a comprehensive evaluation of your leadership potential as it relates to your career interests, abilities, values, and personality characteristics. A Leadership Development Report provides a comprehensive summary of your leadership characteristics and includes recommendations for ways to develop your leadership potential. A final leadership development planning session clarifies opportunities for you to put your leadership abilities to practical use in your current work environment.

Evaluating Your Sales Career
The purpose of this program is to determine your potential for a sales career or to accurately assess your current strengths and weaknesses as a sales professional. By combining career assessment interviews with relevant vocational testing, interpretation and planning, you will receive specific feedback and recommendations regarding your sales profile.

Evaluating Your Job Fit
Career evaluation and counseling are especially valuable in determining the fit between you and your job. A poor fit often leads to difficulties with your work performance or satisfaction. Effective vocational evaluation and counseling can help you resolve these work issues or identify a more suitable work environment or career for yourself. Career assessment sessions, testing and career planning sessions provide you with feedback to guide your next steps on the job or in your career development plan.

Middle Life Career Reevaluation
This assessment process is appropriate for men and women, from around age thirty to the early fifties, who are reassessing their current career direction and satisfaction or who want to consider alternative occupational choices for the next phase of their careers. Individuals in this age group who face corporate downsizing or a possible layoff are also likely to benefit from this assessment program which includes an initial evaluation, testing, and follow-up interpretation and career planning.

College Career Evaluation
This assessment program is appropriate for high school or college students as well as adults who are considering further college, technical, business or vocational school education. This evaluation process includes a career assessment interview, testing, and a career planning session, which identifies realistic vocational alternatives for you as well as specific recommendations for the selection of an appropriate academic major and career field.

These career services are available in-person as well as online with Dr. Urtz's professional assistance. Contact him by or call 414-332-3390 for details.