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Work Satisfaction

Most working adults find themselves dissatisfied with their jobs at least occasionally. In fact, some studies show that 25% or more of adults are dissatisfied with their employment. When this occurs, employees often begin to experience work-related stress problems, including tension, irritability, low energy, restlessness, sleep difficulties and family problems among other life difficulties. When this dissatisfaction includes excessive work hours, anxiety, burnout, and/or excessive use of alcohol or other drugs can occur. Other individuals are distressed because, ultimately, they are working in the wrong occupational field. These career problems are typically caused by a mismatch between the skills, interests and personality of the individual and the attributes required by the job itself.

Fortunately, the resolution of these problems is generally within reach of the adult worker. When individuals learn stress and emotional self-management skills, physical and psychological distress often subside. Discerning whether to shift work settings or instead to change careers altogether will ultimately allow for a better fit between the individual and the job. Typically, these work and career problems can be addressed directly in a short-term individual counseling or therapy process with Dr. Urtz.