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Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD or ADHD) and the Workplace

Recent estimates of the prevalence of ADD/ADHD suggest that 4% or more of the adult population experience this disorder. Given that ADD is typically a lifelong condition, it can have significant impact on the productivity and satisfaction of many working adults. In particular, ADD often leads to a sense of underachievement in the work world as problems with missing deadlines, late or incomplete projects, poor time management, procrastination, poor self-control, difficulty concentrating and impulsivity lead to poor work performance.

Psychological services for ADD/ADHD typically include an initial period of psychological assessment. During this phase, the clinician attempts to evaluate the severity of the ADD problem as well as the coping skills of the client. Thereafter, the psychologist will focus therapy efforts at improving the client’s daily functioning in targeted problem areas. Typically, the client is assisted in developing better time management and organizational skills. Emotional self-awareness and improved self-management skills are frequently important areas of enhancement as well. Sometimes these problems have come to affect the individual’s marriage or family relationships and joint sessions are especially useful.

Dr. Frank Urtz provides individual, couples and family psychotherapy for individuals struggling with ADD/ADHD. He also works collaboratively with family medicine practitioners and psychiatrists in the Milwaukee area.