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Anxiety Therapy, Panic and Phobia Counseling

Therapy Services Near Greendale & Milwaukee, WI

Anxiety Disorders are the most common form of mental health problems in the United States with a lifetime prevalence of approximately 29% of the population.  At the same time, anxiety itself is among the most normal of human emotions and the primary affective signal of a genuine threat or danger. 

It is important to appreciate that anxiety may manifest itself in an acute or chronic form.  Acute anxiety may occur at any time and be triggered by genetic predispositions and many environmental circumstances.  Anxiety may range from quite mild uneasiness all the way to an extreme level of panic.  Physical sensations can include shakiness, tension, light-headedness, and rapid heart rate among others.  Psychological changes include feelings of dread, apprehension and hyper-vigilance.  Panic disorder and specific phobias are acute anxiety conditions in which panic sensations occur and can immobilize an individual.

Chronic anxiety states reflect the ongoing presence of anxiety within the individual, typically for 6 months or longer.  Generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder and separation anxiety disorder are several of the more common longer term anxiety conditions.  Chronic anxiety is characterized by persistent, excessive worry and restlessness, fatigue, concentration problems, irritability, muscle tension and sleep difficulties.  Without treatment, anxiety disorders tend to remain.

Fortunately, however, there are a variety of effective treatments for individuals with an anxiety disorder.  Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a well-researched and effective means of treating a variety of anxiety conditions.  Life-style improvements that include regular exercise, a healthy diet and weight management aid in the long- term resolution of anxiety conditions.

Dr. Frank Urtz is well -trained in CBT and other associated treatment methods, including systematic exposure, relaxation training and mindfulness training. He teaches and trains professionals in the identification and treatment of anxiety states and disorders.  He has also conducted research on test anxiety and works extensively with stress management and the development of effective coping strategies.